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7 People Killed in NY Truck Crash

7 mini van passengers were killed Wednesday in upstate New York when a tractor trailer became dislodged from the truck that was carrying it and collided into the vehicle, tearing it apart. One of the 8 passengers survived the crash and was transported to the hospital. It is not yet known the reason that the trailer became dislodged but it is certainly the fault of the truck drivers and trucking company. It times like this the families must be faced with unbelievable sadness and be unsure what to do next. Though nothing can undo the accident, a personal injury lawyer can hold the responsible parties liable for the deaths and injuries their carelessness caused.

If you or your family are involved in a similar accident and are hurt by a truck or tractor trailer, call the Atlanta truck accident lawyers at The Berry Law Group for help. We can help you and your family get compensation for wrongful death and car accident injuries. Atlanta injury attorneys are often the best place to turn after a tragic accident. We can help you get money for funeral expenses, medical bills and to help you get by after the lose of a spouse.

Cases such as this New York truck accident are often the most difficult to hear about because the minivan passengers were completely innocent and lost their lives due to an avoidable accident. The personal injury attorneys at The Berry Law Group believe that the truck drivers should be held responsible for their negligence and the lives they have ruined. Call the Atlanta truck accident attorneys at BLG if you or a family member have been hurt in Atlanta, GA due to a truck driver's negligence.

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