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If you have been injured in an apartment accident, call The Berry Law Group. We can help you get compensation for your injuries. Apartment complex management can to be held responsible when they fail to do everything possible to keep tenants and visitors safe. Whether you were hurt in a pool, hallway, public space or in your own apartment, The Berry Law Group can help you.

At The Berry Law Group, our Atlanta injury attorneys strive to do everything possible to get you the best compensation results. That is why we build your case from the beginning as though it were going to court. Some large law firms avoid going to trial because it is too much work and takes too long. They work only towards settlements even if it means accepting less than the client is happy with. We will never treat our clients like this and work to show the insurance companies that we are serious about getting the compensation that you desire not matter what.

Atlanta Injury Attorney

An Atlanta injury lawyer can help you get justice for your injuries when you are hurt in an apartment complex. There are a number of ways that accidents occur in an apartment complex. Some of the most common include unsecure pools, unlit stairs and steps, unmaintained appliances and more. In an apartment complex, when a tenant complains of a dangerous situation in or outside of the apartment unit, the management must fix it as soon as possible. If management fails to act and serious injury results, an Atlanta personal injury lawyer can work to get you compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering and other expenses.

Tenants and visitors alike have a right to be safe at an apartment complex. Areas around the buildings including paring lots, hallways, stairs, pools and recreational centers should be clear of unnecessary hazards. Complex owners, management and employees need to always be on watch for burnt out light bulbs, broken glass, exposed wiring and other dangerous items and deal with them as soon as possible. If you are hurt by a hazard at an apartment complex, call an Atlanta injury attorney right away.

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