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Children are naturally curious and are often drawn to things that are bright and colorful and look fun to play on. Unfortunately, these objects are not always safe. One area of premises liability law that applies to children is called attractive nuisance. An attractive nuisance is anything that property owners might have on their property that would be appealing to children. Examples of this are playground equipment and swimming pools. Because the property owners should be aware that the objects on their property are attractive and dangerous to children, they should take extra care to make sure the children cannot gain access to these things. If a child gets injured on an attractive nuisance because it was not properly secure, an Atlanta personal injury lawyer can hold the Atlanta personal injury lawyer responsible.


If your child has been hurt because they had access to a dangerous object on someone else's property, call the Atlanta injury lawyers at The Berry Law Group. We can help you get compensation for your child's medical bills and other expenses. It is a landowner's responsibility to keep certain objects safe from children access. Our Atlanta personal injury lawyers will listen to your case and explain to you your rights. The field of attractive nuisance law can be tricky and a little complicated, but we will happily explain everything to you and what compensation you may be entitled to, so call us right now.

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An attractive nuisance can be many things. Any object that is colorful or looks fun to play on that is also dangerous may be considered an attractive nuisance. Swimming pools are the most obvious example of this because they are very dangerous for children to use without supervision yet they are also very appealing as a plaything. Other examples could include broken or unmaintained playground equipment or even a construction site. Playground equipment that is not maintained can be rusty or broken in places. Construction sites look like a fun place to play but are filled with sharp tools, open holes and other dangers. Landowners should know better than to leave an area unsecure if it is an obvious hazard to children. An Atlanta personal injury attorney can help you get compensation if your child was a victim of an unsecure attractive nuisance.

Atlanta personal injury attorneys from The Berry Law Group can help you and your family get compensation after a serious injury. When a child gets hurt on someone else's property, people want to blame the parents or the child care provider, arguing that it is a child's fault for getting into danger. Lawmakers have ruled that children are not held responsible for injuring themselves in circumstance when a fence or other barrier could have easily been constructed to avoid the accident. When a child is involved in an attractive nuisance accident, serious injuries can occur. These can range from anything from drowning, to broken bones from a fall, to cuts and scrapes and even death. Anything could happen when an unsupervised child is in a dangerous environment.

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If your child has been injured or killed because he/she had access to an unsecure pool, an unmaintained playground, or any other type of hazard where the property owner should have been aware that it would attract children yet did nothing to protect them, call an Atlanta injury attorney today. We can help you get compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering and any other type of expense. Best of all, we never charge of fee and we only get paid if we win your case.

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