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One of the worst and most serious results of an accident is a brain injury. At its best, a brain injury can mean loss of short term memory, dizziness and more. At its worst it can lead to paralysis and severe motor skills impairment. If you or a loved one have experienced a brain injury after an accident, call the Atlanta injury lawyers at The Berry Law Group right now. Whether it was a slip and fall, car accident or any other type of accident, a brain injury can affect you financially and physically for the rest of your life. Make sure you get the justice you deserve by calling our Atlanta injury attorneys today.

At The Berry Law Group, we understand how difficult any serious injury can be on both you and your family. That is why we are dedicated to getting our clients the most compensation possible. We treat each case like it is our only case and go the extra mile to research and gather evidence to support your injury claims. Many times insurance companies will deny liability or shortchange injured parties. We are willing to fight all the way to court to get you every penny that you deserve.  Attorney Kimberly Berry is very experienced in trial law and will present your case to a jury and let them decide what you are entitled to. Juries tend to be very sympathetic to the injured party and many insurance companies do not want to find themselves in court. Calling the Atlanta injury attorneys at The Berry Law Group is a great way to make sure you get the most out of your brain injury claim.

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The side effects of a brain injury can range in seriousness. Sadly, a brain injury is almost always serious.  It is important to speak with an Atlanta personal injury attorney if you have suffered a brain injury in order to find out what your rights are. If another party's negligence is responsible for your condition, you may be entitled to compensation.  The best way to make sure that you get the justice you deserve is to hire an Atlanta personal injury lawyer to help you with your case. Though every case is different, some common side effects that can result from a brain injury include the following:

  • Dizziness
  • Changes in mood
  • Blurred vision
  • Change in sleep patterns
  • Headache
  • Paralysis
  • Coma
  • Impaired motor function
  • Memory loss

Any of these injuries can result in long-term problems that require ongoing treatment and medical care. Even with health insurance, this is not cheap. When you injuries were the result of an accident caused by someone else, it is their responsibility to help cover the cost of your injuries. When you call The Berry Law Group and speak with an Atlanta injury attorney, we can help you get compensation for your medical bills, lost wages from your inability to work, future care for your condition and more. We can also ask for additional funds to compensate you and your family for your pain and suffering.

A brain injury can occur from any type of accident. Two common accidents that result in brain damage and head injuries include car wrecks and slip and fall accidents. Car accidents can cause the body to be thrown forward leading your head to hit the windshield or steering wheel. In very bad accidents, your body may be thrown from the car entirely or the car may rollover on your head. Slip and fall accidents can cause your to fall backward on the base of your head. If you are the victim of either a car crash or slip and fall accident, call an Atlanta personal injury lawyer to find out what compensation you may be entitled to.

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In a personal injury case, you have 2 options. The insurance company will usually offer a settlement in order to avoid the time and uncertainty of going to a trial. Many Atlanta injury law firms will work to get a settlement and avoid going to trial. This can hurt your case because the settlement offered may be substantially lower than you are entitled to. At The Berry Law Group, our personal injury attorneys want to make sure you get the best results, so we prepare each case for trial from the beginning. This way we can easily move to trial is a fair settlement is not offered. We never force our clients to accept a low settlement and focus solely on making you happy with your outcome. If you want caring and experienced Atlanta injury lawyers, you should call The Berry Law Group today. You will be put in touch with a personal injury attorney who will listen to your case and explain to you what your options are. Best of all, we never charge our clients a fee upfront and we only get paid if we win your case for you. You have nothing to lose so call us right now.  Our Atlanta personal injury attorneys believe in getting you justice when you need it most.

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