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Dealing with pedestrians is one of the first things they teach in driving school. It is important to always watch for children and people in the street and in parking lots. Not only is it courtesy, it is the law and the right thing to do. Even a low speed collision can seriously injured a pedestrian and even kill them. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a pedestrian accident, there is some good news. An Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyer from The Berry Law Group can help you get compensation for your injuries or the loss you have suffered. A pedestrian accident can happen in many ways and the results can be serious, so make sure you have a serious Atlanta personal injury lawyer at your side.

Every year pedestrians are injured or killed by cars. Pedestrians have the right of way over cars but some drivers do not respect that rule. Sadly, pedestrian accidents often result in serious injury or death. When this happens, it is important that you speak with an Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyer. You will need to make sure that you and your family are compensated for the expenses and pain and suffering you've experienced. An Atlanta pedestrian injury lawyer can help you make your life whole again. If you or a loved one have been seriously hurt or killed in a pedestrian accident in Atlanta, call The Berry Law Group today.

Crosswalk Accident Lawyers in Atlanta

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Pedestrian accidents happen for a number of reasons. A person can be walking in a parking lot of a store or business and be hit by a car passing through or pulling out of a parking spot. Pedestrians can also be injured in a crosswalk or at an intersection when crossing the street. Another common place people are injured is at a bus stop. All of these situations give pedestrians the right of way and the injuries are caused due to a negligent driver not paying attention to other people's safety. Regardless of how you were hit, an Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyer can help get you the compensation that you need.

Drivers and insurance companies will try and fight pedestrian injury claims hard, so it is important to have an experienced Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyer on your side. For example, you are crossing the street at a crosswalk where there are no traffic signals around but there is a striped crosswalk across the intersection and a button you push that activates flashing lights to signal drivers to be extra cautious. A driver is not paying attention to what is in front of him/her or is travelling too fast hits you. The driver's defense may be that you should have watched out for cars and not entered a busy intersection, but you had a legal right to be there and did everything you could to alert the drivers of your presence. It's not your fault that the driver was not paying attention and therefore they should be responsible for your injuries. Other excuses like being blinded by the sun or you wearing dark clothing at night are not valid defenses for a driver hitting a pedestrian.

When you are hurt in a pedestrian accident in Atlanta, you should know your rights An Atlanta pedestrian accident attorney can help you get the compensation that you need. The most common types of compensation your Atlanta pedestrian injury attorney can get for you includes expenses for your medical bills, pain and suffering, wrongful death, funeral expenses, loss of companionship, lost wages, lost lifetime earnings and more. Whether you are injured or lose a family member to negligent driver, it should not be up to you and your family to shoulder the burden of the expenses. In many cases it may be a spouse or parent whose income your family may not be able to survive without. If you find yourself in this or a similar situation, call the caring and professional Atlanta personal injury lawyers at The Berry Law Group today. We will listen to your case and explain to you what type of compensation may be available to help you.

Atlanta Pedestrian Lawyer

If you have been hurt in a crosswalk, parking lot or bus stop, call the Atlanta pedestrian accident attorneys at The Berry Law Group right now. We believe in fighting hard to get out clients the results they deserve. A pedestrian accident can be very serious and lead to death or a lifetime of pain and ill health. After an accident, you only have one chance to get compensation. After you receive a settlement, you can never request more compensation. This means that if you settle before your know the full extent of your injuries and there are complications or the injury is more severe than originally thought, it will be up to you to pay for your treatment and care. Hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer is the best way to make sure that you are getting all of the compensation you are entitled to and will need.

At The Berry Law Group, our Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyers are personally invested in their clients. We will do everything in our power to help you get the results you want. Some other personal injury law firms try to settle every case and treat you like just another paycheck, but our lawyers want to make you happy. We will never settle a case unless you are happy with the results and we never hesitate to go to trial. From the moment we begin working for you, you Atlanta pedestrian injury attorney will start building your case. We will investigate the scene, look for witnesses and speak to the insurance company. If the case does go to trial, we want to make sure you will have a strong argument.

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