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When you enter a business or neighbor's house, Atlanta laws state that you have the right to be kept reasonably safe. This means that property owners and store management need to fix hazards as soon as they re reported and be vigilant for arising dangers. When they fail to do this and someone is injured due to an accident, the property owner can be held responsible. An Atlanta personal injury attorney can help you get compensation after a slip and fall, pool accident, animal bite or any other type of injury.

This area of the law is called Premises Liability and it refers to stores, businesses, friend and neighbor's houses, offices, doctor's offices and any place that is owned by another person or entities. If you are visiting any of these places and are injured by something that could have been easily fixed, call the Atlanta injury lawyers at The Berry Law Group. The Berry Law Group works hard to get great results for our clients. Call us at (678) 677-2263 for a consultation to find out if you have a case or want more information on premises liability laws in Atlanta.

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All sorts of injuries can be associated to premises liability. A swimming accident due to an unsecure pool or damage pool equipment, a slip and fall due to standing water or ice, an animal bite from a pet, a trip and fall on uneven flooring and more are all examples of common injuries in businesses and neighbor's houses. In these situations, an Atlanta personal injury lawyer can be helpful in getting the compensation you need for your injuries. When management or landowners are aware of the danger and choose not to act or avoid looking for any obvious hazards, premises liability issues can arise. For example, most grocery stores have employees survey the fruit and vegetable area frequently to look for fallen produce. Experience has proven that produce is prone to tumbling on the ground and can be slippery when stepped on.  In order to prevent customers from hurting themselves, employees periodically check for hazards and remove them promptly.

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If you or a family member have been injured in an accident caused by property owner negligence, call The Berry Law Group. Our Atlanta injury lawyers will work to build your case and work to get you a good settlement. If a settlement cannot be agreed upon, we will take your case to court and put our trial experience to good use. You have nothing to lose, so call us today and we'll get started working for you.

In a premises liability case, you can get compensation in several areas with the help of an Atlanta injury attorney. Medical bills are the most common expense when a person is seriously injured, followed by lost wages from being unable to work due to the injury. Atlanta laws allow you to request compensation for your medical expenses as well as your lost wages. You can also ask for pain and suffering compensation. No matter what your accident or what compensation you are looking for, the Atlanta personal injury lawyers at The Berry Law Group can help you.

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