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Premises that contain something dangerous that may also be attractive a child is called an attractive nuisance. This includes property that contains something such as construction equipment, a playground or a swimming pool. These things are all inherently dangerous and may appear to children as interesting or fun.  If these types of attractions are not properly secure, children are likely to wander into them and hurt themselves.  It is therefore that landowner's duty to protect their attractive nuisance by putting up fencing and signage making sure it is difficult for children to access.

Attractive Nuisances Attorney

In order for the owner to be liable for an injury from an attractive nuisance, it must be something that the owner created and maintains that could be dangerous to children. A Personal Injury Lawyer knows what types of items can be classified as attractive nuisances. If you have any questions, call The Berry Law Group right now.

Some of the most common attractive nuisances are:

  • Railroads
  • Swimming
  • Pools
  • Power Lines and Voltage Towers
  • Construction Sites
  • Old Discarded Appliances
  • Manmade Ponds, Lakes and Fountains
  • Farm Equipment
  • Abandon Cars
  • Holes in the Ground
  • Playground Equipment (skateboard ramps, treehouses, jungle gyms, etc)

Do I Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Landowners generally do not want to take responsibility for injuries that occurred on their property. If you want to get the justice you're entitled to for your child's injuries, you will need a lawyer to fight for you in court. You will need to prove that the landowner was responsible for your child's injury due to an attractive nuisance. You will need to show one of the following was true:

  1. The landowner knew or had reason to believe that children could trespass on their property and gain access to the hazard.
  2. That the hazard posed serious risk of death or boldly harm.
  3. That a child could not appreciate the risk involved and therefore would not be expected to use reasonable care when approaching the hazard.
  4. That the landowner took too few measures to protect the attractive nuisance.

If your child was injured due to someone's lack of security around an attractive nuisance, call the Berry law Group right now.  We can advise you what to do next and what kind of compensation you can expect to receive with a successful case.

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