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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have a case?

You very well may have a case if you were inclined to visit this website. Personal injury cases in Georgia are incredibly fact specific, so call our lawyers today for an absolutely free consultation.

Some General Considerations About Your Georgia Personal Injury Case:

Car and Truck Accident Cases

You may have a winning claim if –

  • You were a passenger in a vehicle that was hit and sustained injures.
  • You were a pedestrian struck by a vehicle and sustained injuries.
  • You were a driver of a vehicle that was struck by another driver and you were not at fault for the collision.
  • You are the parent of a child or spouse of someone seriously injured in a collision.

Slip and Fall Cases

Georgia Slip and Fall cases are tough and our laws unfortunately tend to be “pro business” as opposed to “pro injured consumer”.  However, our injury lawyers have settled cases and prevailed at trial in slip and fall and trip and fall cases. You may have a slip and fall claim if you were a customer in a store who was being careful of where you were walking but nonetheless slipped or tripped on something and sustained injuries. The store must have had prior knowledge of this hazardous condition. This “prior knowledge” can be implied or assumed, i.e. constructive knowledge. Basically, a store is credited with having knowledge of the hazard/danger if they do not keep their store clean by doing regular cleanliness checks and safety inspections. It is important to note that slipping and falling in things like rain water, snow or ice generally are not held by Georgia law to be the store's fault, but in the law there are always exceptions. If you fell and are hurt, call us to discuss your unique facts.

Crimes of Violence

If you or a loved one was the victim of a violent or sexual crime, there may be several ways you can recover for your damages. The obvious method of recovery is to sue civilly the person or persons responsible for harming you. However, those people may often be unknown or incarcerated. While every case is different, the aggressor is usually not the only responsible party. Many times, if the attack happened at a business or at an apartment complex, there is also a claim for negligent security. Were there cameras? Was the parking lot well lit? Should the apartment or business have had more security? All of these are important questions to ask our attorneys in assessing your potential case.

Medical Malpractice

This is a tough field as Georgia law seems to want to protect doctors and professionals. However, malpractice is malpractice. Usually, medical records will need to be evaluated in detail to see if there has been malpractice. A bad result in the ER or after surgery does not necessarily mean malpractice. Call us for an analysis of your potential medical malpractice claim.  We also fight cases where there is nursing malpractice or nursing home abuse.

Consumer Fraud Issues/Defective Products

These cases are fact specific. Consumers are wronged daily by Georgia businesses and corporations. If you feel that you were ripped off, scammed, cheated or harmed, we may be able to get you justice. Call us now for a free consultation.

2. I didn't go to the hospital after my accident. Can I still have a case?

Absolutely, there is no requirement that you must go to the ER following an accident. Many people do, but some injuries do not become apparent for days. Call our lawyers now to discuss your situation.

3. I was told by the insurance company that soft tissue injuries are not serious, but I am in a lot of pain. Can I have a case?

Yes. Soft tissue injuries can be very painful and life altering. Medical treatment may very well be needed. Never let the insurance company tell you that you are not hurt or your injuries are not real. Call our law firm today.

4. I don't have medical insurance. Can I still get treatment?

Yes, your health is the most important thing. If you are hot or harmed by another party, you may be able to get the medical treatment you need now even without insurance. Call The Berry Law Group today to discuss your options and rights.

5. Can I file a lawsuit against the driver that hit me even if my car has very little damage?

Yes. Many people are hurt in car wrecks and truck and motorcycle accidents when there is very little physical damage to the vehicle. Our lawyers have experience winning these cases. Call us now to see how we can help you get the best possible results.

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