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One type of common household accident that can lead to serious injury is lawn mower accidents. These injuries often result in amputation or disfigurement. Lawn mowers, especially riding mowers are very dangerous pieces of equipment with sharp blades and the power to shoot foreign objects back out towards bystanders.  Riding mowers have been known to flip over or fall onto their side and cause serious injury.

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Unfortunately some of these accidents could have been avoided if simple adjustments were made to the product.  For example, many injuries and deaths have occurred form riding mowers driving in reserve and running over a bystander.  It was not until 2003 that lawn manufacturers began including a function that turns off the blades when the mower is in reverse.  The addition of this feature and others like roll bars, side guards and seat belts would prevent more injuries and even save lives.  As of now, these are not standard features on lawn mowers.

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Lawn mowers can be very dangerous even when used correctly. In the past, people just like you have won compensation for their injures by proving that more care could have been put into designing and producing lawn mowers.  You will need an experienced and hard working lawyer to fight for your rights, so call The Berry Law Group right now.

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If you or a family member has been a victim of a lawn mower accident that could have been avoided by an additional safety feature or caused by a defect, call the Atlanta product liability lawyers at The Berry Law Group.  We have dedicated attorneys who will answer all your questions and let you know the next steps to take.  Call us right now and you'll speak with an attorney that will listen to your case and answer all you questions.

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