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Georgia Personal Injury Lawyers

Many people in Georgia depend on a wheel chair or personal medical equipment every day. Equipment such as pacemakers, dialysis machines, and oxygen tanks are relied on daily to keep people healthy.  Wheel chairs are needed for the disabled or elderly who could not otherwise get around on their own. These products are so necessary for some people's daily lives, if they are defective, there could be huge negative consequences. For cases such as these, the injures can be huge so you want to make sure you know have a professional Personal Injury Attorney explain to you your rights.

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Product Liability Lawyers

When a company produces a faulty product, they are liable for deaths or injuries that product caused. Even if they were unaware of the dangers of the product at the time of the sale, it is a company's duty to the consumer to design, manufacture and sell a reasonably safe product.

Wheel Chair Defects Attorneys

Many elderly or disabled people in Atlanta require wheel chairs to get around.  Wheel chairs can be either manual or electric.  Electric wheelchairs and motorized scooters use batteries or electricity to power the wheels.  Unfortunately manufacturers can make errors in creating wheelchairs that can lead to serious injury or death.  For example, if the mechanisms that power electric wheelchairs are poorly wired, they could catch fire.  Manual or electric wheelchairs with faulty brakes can result in serious injury. Since wheelchair users all share one characteristic, the inability to walk unassisted, any hazard that occurs with their chair is life threatening since that are not able to get away from it.

Occasionally, wheel chair accidents are caused by human error, but in many cases the user is not to blame. The area of law known as Product Liability law holds manufacturers accountable for their faulty products.  Whether a product was designed poorly, built with defects or failed to disclose all the hazards associated with its use, the manufacturer is responsible for injuries their defective products cause.

Medical Equipment Failure Lawyers

If a medical device is defective, it could pose a serious risk to the health of the person relying on it.  People all over Atlanta depend on all types of medical devices every day to work properly and safely. Medical devices with defects leave patients at serious risk of being badly injured and even killed. These defects often go unnoticed until it is too late. Common medical devices and products to experience defects include: breast implants, insulin pumps, pacemakers, pelvis meshes, shoulder pain pumps, and more.  A problem can happen because of a manufacturing defect or even the producer's failure to properly test its product.

If you or a loved one were injured due to a defective wheelchair or motorized scooter and you are thinking about filing a claim, call The Berry Law Group.  You will speak with a dedicated product liability lawyer who will help you in your case.

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