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Drive Safe This Holiday Season

With the holidays comes a festive time of year. It also is a time to take extra steps to avoid personal injury on the roads. In the wintertime it gets darker earlier and holiday traffic increases the number of cars on the road. Not to mention that drivers tend to take more trips out visiting with friends and relatives and Christmas shopping. Before you go out this season make sure you take a few minutes to remember these safe driving tips.

Drivers should watch for visitors that are not familiar with local roads. This is common not only in large shopping areas bit also in residential neighborhoods where holiday get-togethers are happening. Don't drive too close behind other vehicles as they may not know where they are going and are prone to stop short while looking for their turn. Likewise, if you are driving in an unfamiliar area use GPS and keep an eye out for street signs. If you miss your turn, don't slam on your breaks or make an illegal U-turn, just drive around the block.

Exercise caution when driving through parking lots and other areas with lots of pedestrians. Small Children excited to see Santa or do their holiday shopping may not look both ways before crossing the street. Taking a few extra seconds to consider pedestrians and those around you can not only save you the headache of a car wreck, it may even safe a life.

Be on the lookout for negligent drivers. After partaking in holiday festivities, especially at night, be on the lookout for driver swerving or driving erratically as those drivers may have imbibed a bit too much at their holiday celebration.

Also, holiday shopping is a hectic time for everyone so beware of distracted drivers. People in cars with lots of children or a large group of visiting relatives with too much on their mind are prone to stopping short, not using a turn signal or even running a stop sign or red light. If an accident occurs from a distracted or negligent driver, it is important to remember that they are at fault and should be held liable for your injures. Sometime a little bit of prevention can benefit everyone. Nobody wants to get involved in a car wreck especially during the holidays, no matter who is at fault.

Drivers should be on the lookout for bicyclists and pedestrians at the side of the road especially in dark areas with no street lights. If you are a pedestrian, take extra special care this season. Even if you are walking the same residential path you do every night or just taking the dog around the block, make sure you pay close attention to wearing reflective gear and watching for cars. The holidays are a time for visiting family and friends. Many of the cars in residential neighborhoods may be guests who are not familiar with the area. Drivers may be concentrating on not getting lost rather than watching for a pedestrian.

If the worse does happen and you are not able to avoid these risky drivers and you are injured in an accident, call the car accident professionals at The Berry Law Group. After serious injury in an accident it is important that you understand your rights. Stay safe and have a great holiday. And remember, if the unfortunate does happen, The Berry Law Group is always here to help.

Happy Holidays from all of us at The Berry Law Group!

Kimberly A. Berry

Kimberly A. Berry, Esq. is a Dean's Scholar Vanderbilt University law school graduate. She has served as lead counsel in over 100 trials and motions. Ms. Berry is dedicated to fighting hard for her clients.



Posted Dec 11, 2012 at 10:41:34

Good Tips. I always drive really slow at the mall this time of year, the parking lots are crazy and some people are really aggressive looking for parking spots.


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