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Flight 214's Crash Landing Lands Airline in Hot Water

By now you have probably already heard about the Asiana Airlines flight that crash landed in San Francisco this past weekend killing 2 people and injuring 181 more. Any type of large scale accident is always disturbing to hear about, especially this time of year when many people are gearing up to take their own vacation flights. It is now being reported that the pilot flying the Boeing 777 only had 43 hours of experience flying that type of aircraft. This can have serious implications for the airline because, even though he was flying with an experienced pilot mentor, the fact he had only flown this type of jet 9 times before could be enough to prove negligence in court. If the victims of the crash decide to take legal action against the airline, this information may be enough to get them a winning verdict.

Though plane crashes are not all that common they do affect a large number of people when they happen. If you are taking any type of transportation and the driver is not properly trained, the company may be held liable for any injuries you suffer in an accident.  An Atlanta personal injury lawyer can help you get the results you want after any type of serious transportation accident. Whether you are hurt in a taxi, bus, train or even plane in Georgia, The Berry Law Group can help you. Our Atlanta injury attorneys will work hard for your case.

We hope that you and your family will never have to suffer a frightening ordeal like the passengers on Flight 214 did, but if the worst happens, we will be there for you. Any type of injury can result in steep medical bills and some of the passengers are reported to have suffered internal injuries and paralyzation. These injuries will likely be life long and money will be needed to pay for medical care and equipment. An Atlanta injury lawyerAtlanta injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you need if you suffer injuries like this in Georgia.

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