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Car accidents happen every day, they can be minor or severe and can be caused by many different factors. One of the surprisingly common causes of traffic accidents is an unsafe or dangerous road.  A dangerous road can be caused by a faulty design, poor construction, failure in maintenance or lack of adaptation to changing conditions. If you think you were injured in an accident caused by a dangerous road, call the Georgia dangerous road lawyers at The Berry Law Group. Your knowledgeable unsafe roads attorney can help you assess your case and work to get you compensation.

The problem with dangerous road cases is that they can be difficult to prove. The roads are owned by Georgia government and they can be a tough adversary. That is why you need an experienced lawyer from The Berry Law Group to fight hard for your rights and work to prove your dangerous roads case. Justice for these cases is important to you and your family but it is also important to the community.  By proving a road is unsafe, you will be protecting many other people who will use that road in the future.

Dangerous Roads Attorney

There are many ways that a road can be dangerous.  It could have been poorly designed or built incorrectly.  It could not be maintained well or not adapted to new conditions in the area such as new shopping centers or side roads.  Some examples include:

  • Dangerous curves in road
  • Lack of warning signage around a dangerous or construction area
  • Traffic lights poorly placed or missing
  • Use of poor quality street construction materials
  • Poor workmanship in building the road infrastructure
  • Dangerous slopes and dips in road
  • Faded or worn out street signs
  • Objects that obstruct the driver's view at dangerous intersections
  • Steep drop-offs such as cliffs or ravines along the road
  • Highway entrance/exit ramps that are too short to allow safe merging
  • Poorly maintained roads filled with potholes and other wear
  • Faded painted street markers
  • Missing guardrails along dangerous street sections or construction zones
  • Street pavement with poor or no skid resistance
  • Lack of proper drainage that causes streets to flood Sinking or caved-in roads
  • DOT ignores evidence that accidents keep occurring in the same place

Dangerous Road Lawyers in Georgia

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident caused by unsafe or dangerous road conditions, call the Georgia Dangerous Road Lawyers at The Berry Law Group right now.  We will work hard to get you the justice you deserve.  An unsafe roads case is not always the easiest to prove, so you will need a dedicated professional to listen to your case and your injures, examined the scene of the accident and gather evidence for the case. Call us right now at (678) 677-2263 so we can get the legal process started.

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