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Getting a Slip and Fall Lawyer

When you enter a store or business, it becomes the management's obligation to keep you from unreasonable danger. This means that you should expect to be able to walk the premises without having to worry about puddles or other slip and fall dangers. It is the responsibility of the landowner to check for these things periodically and clean them up when they become a problem. If you slip or trip and fall on a hazard that could have easily been avoided, you should speak to a Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer right away.

In slip and fall cases it is important that you understand your rights. Many people feel that it was their fault or was due to their clumsiness that they slipped and fell in a store, but according to Georgia law, businesses need to keep their premises reasonably safe for customers. This includes examples like a grocery store checking periodically for fallen produce which can become slippery when stepped on and businesses checking for leaks that drip on the floor when it rains. In these situations it is the stores or business owner's obligation to pay for your medical bills, wages for time missed at work and, in some cases, even extra for your pain and suffering.

Speaking with a personal injury lawyer is your best bet in these situations. Sometimes you may not even realize you were seriously injured until later, but that does not mean that you cannot still file a claim. Any time that you are injured in these situations, you should speak to a personal injury lawyer right away. Slip and falls can be serious and can lead to broken bones, time missed from work and long terms health problems. All of these things can have a substantial impact on you and your family's lives. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident at a store, a business, or even at work, call the Slip and Fall Lawyers at The Berry Law Group. We are dedicated to getting our clients the justice they deserve when they need it most.

Kimberly A. Berry

Kimberly A. Berry, Esq. is a Dean's Scholar Vanderbilt University law school graduate. She has served as lead counsel in over 100 trials and motions. Ms. Berry is dedicated to fighting hard for her clients.


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