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North Georgia is filled with historic and diverse cities and counties. It is home to destination sites like Dawsonville and Dahlonega and major hub cities like Gainesville. If you are injured in North Georgia and want to seek compensation for your medical bills and pain and suffering, call The Berry Law Group. Our North Georgia personal injury lawyers have experience in the area's court system and in many areas of personal injury law. Best of all, we never charge a fee unless we win your case. For more information, call us at (678) 677-2263 or fill out the form in the Contact page.

North Georgia includes the North Georgia Mountains and part of the Atlanta metro area. It is home to the sites of major Georgia historical events such as the Battle of Lookout Mountain and the Battle of Chickamauga which took place during the civil war. It includes tourist cities like Helen and Dahlonega, which is home to the University of North Georgia. At The Berry Law Group, our North Georgia personal injury lawyers proudly serve all of North Georgia, including:

North Georgia Auto Accident Lawyer

If you are hurt in a car wreck, truck wreck, or any other type of vehicle accident in North Georgia, it is important to speak with a North Georgia auto accident lawyer as soon as possible. Even a minor auto crash can carry serious consequences. An injury or a death in the family can affect you financially, emotionally, and physically. When a negligent party causes these injuries, you deserve compensation for your pain and suffering. In order to make sure you get everything that you deserve, you should call The Berry Law Group and speak with a North Georgia auto accident lawyer. Whether you are hurt and unable to work, require surgery for your injuries or have lost a loved one due to another driver's negligence, we can help you get the justice that you deserve.

Our North Georgia auto injury lawyers work to build each case as if it were going to trial. Other law firms' goal is to settle cases quickly, but at The Berry Law Group, we want to make sure you get results you are happy with. That's why from the moment we are hired, our North Georgia auto accident attorneys work to make your personal injury case as strong as possible. We gather witnesses, look for evidence and review your medical records. We will deal with the insurance company for you and show them that we mean business. Best of all, we do not charge a fee to our clients unless we win their case, so there are no upfront costs.

North Georgia Car Accident Lawyers - An injury from a car wreck can be very serious. Even an accident that does not require immediate emergency care can have long term effects on the victim. Common injuries include back pain, muscle strain or sprain, whiplash, brain or head injury, paralysis and more. When a driver makes an error or is distracted and causes an injury, they can be held responsible for the damage they cause. Anything from running a red light to weaving into another lane to turning into oncoming traffic can be considered negligent driving and can be grounds for a compensation case. If you are injured in any type of car accident, call a North Georgia car accident lawyer right away.

North Georgia Motorcycle Accident Lawyers – Motorcycle accidents can be even more serious than car accidents. Drivers need to be aware of motorcycles at all time and even a minor accident can be serious for motorcyclist because they have limited safety features on their bike. This, however, does not make an accident always the motorcycle driver's fault. If a negligent driver causes an accident, they may be held responsible for all of the damage they inflict regardless of the type of vehicle their victims were driving. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, call the North Georgia motorcycle accident lawyers at The Berry Law Group right now.

North Georgia Truck Accident Lawyers – Big trucks are scary and dangerous. Even though we share the road with big trucks every day, drivers need to be aware of the dangers that they pose. Because of their size and mass even a minor error made by a truck driver can have serious consequences. Truck accidents can sometimes be hard to prove and filled with paperwork and red tape. That is why it is important to get a North Georgia truck accident lawyer on your side. Big trucks are hard to maneuver and common truck accidents occur when a truck driver makes a driving error. This can include turning too wide, rolling over and blocking traffic, or failing to check blind spots before changing lanes. Even a little bump from a large truck can cause you to lose control of your vehicle and be seriously hurt. If you are a victim of a large truck accident call the North Georgia truck injury attorneys at The Berry Law Group today.

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