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Nursing and Medical Malpractice

When most people think of medical malpractice, they think about doctors giving wrong diagnoses or hospitals mixing up patient information. While both of those are examples of medical malpractice, nurses are also capable of committing malpractice. Nurses are responsible for patient care, medication administration, and performing tests. If a nurse fails to be responsible in his/her duties, he/she can be held liable just like a doctor or hospital.

Nurses can commit malpractice to patients in a hospital by treating patients roughly or neglecting them. This treatment is similar to Nursing Home Abuse but can happen to anyone who is bedridden or in a weakened state and depends on nurses to help them bath, use the restroom and bring them food.

Another instance where nursing malpractice can occur is if the nurse is trusted to perform a test or use medical equipment on or near a patient. If the nurse drops or misuses the equipment and causes injury to the patient, the patient may have a lawsuit against the hospital or nurse for his/her injuries. An example of this would be burning a patient with medical equipment by accident.

In some of these situations, you may want to file suit against the hospital for employing the nurse that injured or neglected you instead. It is best to speak with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer who can help you decide the best course of action to take in order to get you the compensation you deserve.

Remember, if you are mistreated or injured by a nurse or any type of hospital or doctor's office staff member, you can still file a suit against them for your injuries. Call The Berry Law Group to find out more information or check out our Areas of Practice for details on nursing malpractice, medical malpractice and your rights.

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