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When you purchase a product, you expect it to be reasonably safe.  If a product is dangerous it needs to be properly labeled so that the user is aware of all the hazards.  If a product fails to inform users of its dangers or it was designed or manufactured poorly, it is usually referred to as a defective product. If a defective product injures a consumer, the companies that are responsible for designing, manufacturing and selling the product can be held liable. If any of these companies realize they have produced or sold a defective product, they will often issue a recall before more people get injured. Our Personal Injury Lawyers believe that you are entitled to get the justice you deserve and are willing to help you fight for it.

Do I Need a Recalled Product Lawyer?

We've all heard about companies issuing a product recall, usually on the news. Recalls can vary from automobiles to prescription medications. If a defect in the quality of a product is discoverd, most companies find it in their interest to recall all affected items.

A product is recalled when a manufacturer requests a specific batch or entire line of products to be returned to them.  This is often because sale of these products may lead to a risk due to contamination, a defect or negligence at some point in production. Recalling a product does not limit the danger, but is meant to limit the manufacturer's liability.

If you are injured by a product and then later learn that it was recalled, that is usually a sign that the defective product was defective. You should call a personal injury lawyer immediately to make sure you understand your rights. The Berry Law Group specializes in personal injury and recalled products law.  Call us right now as there are time limits to filing claims.

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Every year many products are recalled in the U.S.  Recalls usually occur after customers already have been made sick, injured or killed.  Despite the recalls, thousands of consumers are hurt by unsafe or defective products. Any type of product can be dangerous and therefore get recalled.  Some recent examples of recalled items include:

  • Dog treats
  • Children's toys from China
  • Birth control patches
  • Medical Devices
  • Children's car seats
  • Peanut butter
  • Lettuce
  • Cars
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cribs and playpens

Call the Recalled Products Attorneys

At The Berry Law Firm, we understand what a difficult time a serious injury or death in the family can be.  But if your family tragedy was caused by someone's unsafe recalled product, you do not have to bear the entire burden.  Your personal injury lawyer will help you pursue a legal claim against the company responsible for making the unsafe product and get you compensation for medical bills, lost wages, funeral expenses, and pain and suffering.

Call the Recalled Products Lawyers at The Berry Law Group.

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