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Technology and Car Wrecks

A leading cause of car accidents on the road in Georgia is driver distraction. This means that while a person is driving a car, they are distracted by something else and take their eyes and attention off of the road. Examples of distractions are kids in the car, applying make-up or eating. Another growing causeĀ personal injury attorneys have noticed in recent years is the use of technology such as iPods and cell phones.

People use iPod and phones to play music in their cars. They use their phones for making calls and text messaging. Cell phones also have many different features causing them to alert the owner of updates in their social media sites or games. All of these things lure the driver's attention away from the road. New cars have smart technology that lets you link your phone and music players wirelessly to your car's stereo. Unfortunately, this new technology is not perfect and can even be more of a distraction when driver's try to synch it and figure out the controls while driving.

In most of Georgia talking on your phone and even texting is not illegal to do while driving. But this does not mean that car accidents caused by distracted drivers are excusable. If you have been injured in a car wreck and you believe the driver was distracted, call The Berry Law Group. Our personal injury lawyers are here to listen to your details and tell you if you have a case. You may be able to get compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and even pain and suffering.

Kimberly A. Berry

Kimberly A. Berry, Esq. is a Dean's Scholar Vanderbilt University law school graduate. She has served as lead counsel in over 100 trials and motions. Ms. Berry is dedicated to fighting hard for her clients.


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