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A trip and fall is similar to a slip and fall only it involves tripping over a misplaced item or poorly constructed area. It is also considered a part of premises liability.  If a trip and fall is caused because of someone's negligence at a store or on private property, you should speak with a professional lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your options.  If you or a family member have been injured in a trip and fall accident, call the experts at The Berry Law Group, LLC right now.

Types of Trip and Fall Injuries

A trip and fall is a type of personal injury case.  If someone trips and falls on someone else's property, there is a good chance they will be able to get compensation for their medical bills, pain and suffering if the landowner was negligent. Unsafe conditions include:

  • Uneven floor boards
  • Items laying across high traffic areas
  • Holes in the ground
  • Bunched up carpet
  • Cracks in pavement
  • Items sticking out into aisles

Anything that is obviously a trip and fall hazard are the landowners responsibility to take care of.  If you trip and hurt yourself on one of these items, the landowner should be held accountable for not making a good faith effort to keep you safe.

How A Trip and Fall Lawyer Can Help

In trip and fall injuries, your lawyer's job it to prove that the property owner's or employees did not take reasonable care to keep you safe. We look at 3 different areas to of reasonable care.

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1. Did the staff/owner do everything that was possible to prevent the tripping hazard. This includes posting signs and warning people of its presence. This implies that they were aware of the hazard.

2.  If the staff/ were not aware of the hazard, did they take lengths to inspect for hazards. An example of this would be a grocery store checking periodically for fruit or vegetables that have rolled onto the floor. While they may not be able to avoid this from happening completely, frequent checks need to be made to keep customers safe.

3.  Were steps taken immediately after the hazard was noticed. If a you tripped on a very visible pot hole in an apartment complex parking lot and it is revealed that the hole has been there for some time and that management was aware of it, this proves negligence.

Trip and Fall Attorney

Don't let a injury from a trip and fall ruin your life, call The Berry Law Group today and we'll help you get the money you deserve to get your life back on track.  Call us right now.

Our Georgia Personal Injury Lawyers are here to help you. We treat each client like they are our only clients. We leave no stone unturned in proving your case. If you are injured in a Trip and Fall or any other type of accident, call us right now.

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