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What Is A Negligent Driver?

This blog talks a lot about how negligent drivers can be held responsible by a Georgia personal injury lawyer for the injuries they cause. For some people, there is still some confusion on what constitutes as negligent and what is simply an honest mistake. It is important to realize, that when it comes to driving there is no such thing as an honest mistake. When you get into a vehicle, you are taking responsibility for anything that goes wrong while you are behind the wheel. While a mistake might be made that was unintentional, you can still be held liable for the injuries that it causes.

A negligent driver is someone who causes an accident that could have been avoided if they had used better care. This means that a driver error, whether intentional or not can be considered careless or negligent because it could have been avoided if the driver had made a better decision or paid closer attention. This includes common errors like following too closely and driving the wrong way down a one way street. It can also include more illegal actions like speeding or running a red light or stop sign. Not every error has to be in clear violation of the law either. Failing to check your blind spot or turning into traffic without thoroughly checking are both legal actions that were not executed with care.

In some cases drivers can be excessively negligent or malicious. Driving drunk or extremely fast can be considered reckless. There have been some cases where drivers speed into oncoming traffic for a thrill or in a suicide attempt. These cases are very troubling and the drivers are acting with extreme negligence for other's safety. Finally, a driver who actively tries to hit someone or cause damage is a malicious driver and can be held liable for punitive and compensatory damages. If you have been hurt is car wreck caused by a negligent driver, call the Georgia car wreck lawyers at The Berry Law Group today.

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