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Wrongful Death Compensation

A death in the family is one of the saddest and most trying events in many people's lives. It is never easy to lose a loved one and it is made even worse when the death was caused by someone's negligence. When a death is caused in an accident that could have been avoided if more care was taken by another party, Georgia law refers to this as a Wrongful Death. Wrongful deaths can be caused for a variety of reasons. Some examples include a car wreck, a serious fall, medical malpractice or a defective product injury. In these cases, your family should contact a personal injury lawyer in GA to find out if you have a case.

In most accidents, you can ask for compensation for medical bills, wages lost from time missed from work and occasionally even pain and suffering. Since wrongful death cases involve the loss of a family member's life and therefore income and companionship, a wrongful death lawyer in GA can ask for several types of compensation. These types of compensation include:

  • Funeral and medical bills and other costs associated with the death
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of insurance benefits from deceased
  • Loss of inheritance or future earnings of the deceased
  • Pain and suffering of the surviving family members
  • Punitive damages in cases where extreme negligence was involved

With all of these areas of compensation, wrongful death lawsuits are often very successful in recovering money to help the grieving family. In some cases, it settlements may seem excessive but you cannot put a price on the life of a loved one.

If you have recently lost a family member due to an accident caused by another party, it is important that you understand your rights. Call a personal injury lawyer in GA to find out what compensation you may be entitled to. Losing a loved one is hard enough; you should not have to suffer financially too. Call us at The Berry Law Group to get started today.

Kimberly A. Berry

Kimberly A. Berry, Esq. is a Dean's Scholar Vanderbilt University law school graduate. She has served as lead counsel in over 100 trials and motions. Ms. Berry is dedicated to fighting hard for her clients.


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